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The iPhone 15 is lots of things, but it isn’t indestructible. Drop it, knock it, or scratch it, and it will suffer damage that no one would wish on their expensive new purchase. Emergency Switch Box

The best iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro cases | Macworld

The most obvious way to protect your iPhone 15, 15 Pro, 15 Plus, or 15 Pro Max—aside from leaving it in the box—is to buy a case that will take the hard knocks and scrapes, leaving your iPhone as Apple intended.

A case is more than just a pretty backplate, so we have some expert tips for you to start.

if you want to jump straight to the case reviews below, we start with best clear cases, then look at more colorful cases, followed by the best protective cases for iPhone 15 and then best leather and leather-alternative cases for iPhone 15, and at the end two models of battery case for the iPhone 15 family.

We have tested plain cases, wallet cases, cases that support bike and car mounts, pouches, sleeves and cases with belt-clips.

Protection: According to surveys in the U.S., 45 percent of phone owners will accidentally damage their phones, on average only 10 weeks after purchase. Keep your iPhone in a case and, whichever way it lands, it should be protected from everyday drops. Make sure the case has a raised lip around the front, which will save the screen from a crack when dropped or scratch when placed face down. Look also for a raised edge around the cameras at the back—1mm should be your minimum; some goes as high as 3.6mm.

Apple doesn’t bother, but many case makers claim their cases either meet or exceed “certified military-grade protection”, usually MIL-STD-810G, which is a series of U.S. Department of Defense tests to determine the “overall durability of material system design” of objects. This doesn’t mean you can take them into combat, but does imply that the protection offered is robust and tested. The product should have been sequentially dropped onto each face, edge, and corner for a total of 26 drops onto two-inch thick plywood over concrete.

Big and bulky doesn’t guarantee protection but it’s a fact that for superior protection your case will add more bulk to your iPhone than a flimsy one.

Materials: Thin, soft, and rubbery silicone is a popular phone case material that provides a comfortable grip while not adding any real bulk of the phone. It’s great at protecting a phone from abrasions and scratches but not for fall/drop protection. Silicone can attract dirt more easily and is less durable so you might have to change your case more often than products made with tougher materials. Sand-based silicone is a more sustainable material than oil-based plastic.

More rigid cases are usually built with polycarbonate plastic. Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are more flexible and softer to the touch than Thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU), which are also flexible but more rigid. Both are more resistant to scratches, shock, and abrasion than basic polycarbonate. While not as thin as silicone, they aren’t very bulky and are more durable. However, cheaper clear TPU cases can turn yellow after a year or so due to ultraviolet rays. Look for clear cases with anti-yellowing properties.

Stronger still is Kevlar, which you might know is the material used to make bulletproof vests; it’s also known as Aramid Fiber.

Graphene is even stronger. Zagg claims the graphene used in its Denali Snap case is “harder than a diamond, yet more elastic than rubber, and up to 200x stronger than steel”. That suggests a fall onto the pavement might not be fatal for your phone.

Metal button covers feel more robust than plastic. Some cases leave some buttons exposed. This is especially true for the iPhone 15’s new Action button that seems to have caught out a few case manufacturers.

Below our list of the best iPhone 15 cases, we look deeper into which materials offer the best iPhone protection.

Fit: Aside from protective features, make sure you choose the right case for your exact model. That will ensure that it fits correctly over the buttons for uninterrupted use. Note that some case makers have had problems with the new Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, with their cutouts sometimes not fitting exactly. Such problems will be ironed out quickly by trusted case manufacturers, such as those in our iPhone 15 case reviews below, but cheaper online brands may pose more of a risk in this regard.

MagSafe: Also ensure that the case is MagSafe compatible so that you can charge wirelessly with a MagSafe charger while your iPhone 15 stays in its case. Check out our tests of the best MagSafe wireless chargers. You can, of course, still charge via a cable—which will always be the fastest way to charge an iPhone—but make sure you use a USB-C to USB-C cable for iPhone 15 and at least a 20W USB-C charger—we recommend you start with a 30W or 45W charger; check out our recommended best iPhone chargers.

Style: Finally, while protection and charging are key factors to your iPhone 15 case, many of us appreciate some individuality to mark out the phone as ours. If this is important to you, look out for color choice and customization options. The iPhone 15 colors aren’t overly exciting and one of the joys of buying a new phone is getting a new look, as most other things stay the same even with a brand new iPhone.

All cases were tested using an iPhone 15 Pro; case weights listed below are for cases designed for that model.

We didn’t throw our phone out of speeding cars or from the top of tall buildings. We have included only trusted brands so we have to take their word for the actual drop testing. But we have had days of hand-on experience with each case reviewed here.

Here we round up the best cases for the Apple iPhone 15 line, from Apple’s own range of cases, which for the first time doesn’t include any leather options, to third-party options that offer leather and other features, colors, and designs that Apple doesn’t.

Clear cases are the best if you want to see the original iPhone color but remember that to support MagSafe each case needs some magnets, which usually means a giant white ring on the back of compatible clear cases. Colored, patterned or leather cases hide their magnets better.

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Available for: iPhone 15 | iPhone 15 Plus | iPhone 15 Pro | iPhone 15 Pro Max

This simple, rigid iPhone 15 protective case from Apple is thin and light and doesn’t cover the color of your iPhone 15 that you purposefully chose when you purchased it. Why pick out a pink or yellow iPhone 15, only to cover it up in a black plastic case? With Apple’s Clear case, you get decent protection without ruining the look of the phone, although the prominent MagSafe icon on the back isn’t necessary, surely.

It’s made from a blend of optically clear polycarbonate and other flexible materials, with a scratch-resistant coating on both the inside and outside. While it’s more protective than silicone cases and features a robust-looking 2mm camera lip, you can find tougher cases, which we have reviewed below.

At 29g it’s super light, and while the rigid case adds a little bulk, it’s worth a little compromise for that layer of protection

There are also cheaper clear cases, which we have also tested for you. But the Apple badge is a sure sign of quality, as you’d expect.

The colors on the new iPhone 15 models aren’t exactly exciting, though, so we wouldn’t blame you for deciding on something more joyful.

Available for: iPhone 15 | iPhone 15 Plus | iPhone 15 Pro | iPhone 15 Pro Max

If you want basic protection for your new iPhone 15, the clear ESR Zero Clear Case has a 1.2mm front edge to protect the screen and a smaller-than-most 0.7mm camera guard. It’s made from a crystal-clear polymer, which ESR claims resists yellowing for longer than cheaper cases.

It isn’t wireless compatible so you’ll need to flip the case off if charging wirelessly. While it’s not too big a deal, I’d still pay extra upfront not to have to do that every time I want to charge wirelessly.

This bendable case weighs just 28g, although that’s only 1g lighter than Apple’s Clear Case reviewed above.

MagSafe compatible: Yes, except basic Hybrid Clear case

Colors: Clear, Clear/Blue, Clear/Green, Clear/Pink, Clear/Gray, Clear/Black

Available for: iPhone 15 | iPhone 15 Plus | iPhone 15 Pro | iPhone 15 Pro Max

QDOS has a range of similar but subtly different cases for the iPhone 15 family.

The most basic is the Hybrid Clear Case, which is affordable and does, unlike the ESR Zero case, support wireless charging, although not the faster MagSafe. It has a TPU frame.

One level up is the flexible Hybrid Soft + Snap Case that’s available in a range of clear/colored tones. The Snap part of its name relates to its MagSafe compatibility. MagSafe means a more secure connection, and therefore more efficient power exchange, resulting in a faster charge. It promises superior drop protection with its TPU bumpers, metal buttons, and raised edges protecting the screen and camera lens.

The metal camera guard is one of the toughest we’ve seen in our tests. It weighs 39g—that’s 10g heavier than the Apple Clear Case but hardly a difference you’ll notice in hand or pocket. QDOS claims that 50-73% of the case is made from recycled materials.

The Hybrid Force + Snap Case has a rigid polycarbonate back and a flexible TPU frame with air cushions, compared to the Hybrid Soft’s soft-touch polycarbonate back panel and TPU bumper. It weighs 30g, so is a little lighter—possibly because its button covers are plastic rather than metal. It also has an antimicrobial treatment that QDOS claims “eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria”. The camera lip is a protective 2mm but plastic rather than the metal as found on the Soft + Snap Case.

All three cases can absorb falls up to 2m, claims QDOS, and feature an anti-yellowing agent for “long-lasting transparency”.

Aside from its clear cases, QDOS also sells a Touch Pure + Snap Case range of colored cases that are MagSafe compatible, in blue, green, pink, gray, and black. It features a rigid polycarbonate back with a liquid silicone coating.

Available for: iPhone 15 | iPhone 15 Plus | iPhone 15 Pro | iPhone 15 Pro Max

A more functional clear option is ESR’s Classic Hybrid Case with Stash Stand, available for all models of the iPhone 15 family. Make sure you choose your exact model.

It is transparent aside from the giant MagSafe icon, MagSafe compatible and more affordable than the Apple clear case. And the kickstand is an added bonus, working in both landscape and portrait modes.

The metal stand is an extra camera guard when not in use. ESR even suggests you can use it to carry your iPhone on your finger when your hands are full. If so, you’ll be interested in the protection it offers if it slides off your finger…

There’s the usual tough talk of military-grade protection, with the case featuring shock-absorbing AirGuard corners and a decent 1.6mm camera lip. At 40g, it’s one of the heavier clear cases, which is caused by the handy kickstand.

ESR has a range of iPhone 15 cases. The toughest is the iPhone 15 Armor Tough Case with Stash Stand (above), which features a two-part rugged MagSafe case with Stash Stand, built-in tempered-glass screen protector, dual-layer edges and even individual Armorite lens protectors. Unlike the Hybrid Case it covers the iPhone’s Action button for extra protection.

iPhone 15 | iPhone 15 Plus | iPhone 15 Pro | iPhone 15 Pro Max

Available for: iPhone 15 | iPhone 15 Plus | iPhone 15 Pro | iPhone 15 Pro Max

If you don’t want to add weight or bulk to your iPhone, this wafer of a case is barely noticeable and is easily the lightest and thinnest case we have tested.

The buttons are not covered, which makes them more responsive than under the button covers of some of the other cases reviewed here.

The compromise for the sleekness is minimal level of protection. Made of 600D Aramid Fiber (aka bullet-proof Kevlar) it is tough and will save the back of your iPhone from scratches and everyday wear and tear, but it doesn’t offer any real drop protection. The case certainly adds some grip to the phone, which should make it less likely to fall from your hand in the first place, and the corners of the phone are covered but with no true impact resistance.

We also found the case to be the hardest to prise off the iPhone. There’s no real reason to remove it as it is MagSafe compatible but if you do feel the need for your phone to be free, you’ll have to follow video instructions to work out how (basically press the case up from the top corners).

Colors: Guava, Orange Sorbet, Winter Blue, Black, Storm Blue, Clay. Light Pink, Cypress

Available for: iPhone 15 | iPhone 15 Plus | iPhone 15 Pro | iPhone 15 Pro Max

The smooth Apple Silicone case is a classic, popular protective iPhone covering—available in the widest range of colors. There’s enough choice here to satisfy most people, but if you prefer to see the color of the iPhone itself, look to a clear case; see above.

Inside, the lining is soft microfiber to protect the iPhone itself from scratches.

There’s nothing particularly special about this Apple case apart from the fact that it’s made by Apple and has the famous logo on the back, but it is colorful and as protective as you need for everyday calamities except big falls. If you are prone to dropping your phone, look for cases made from TPU, Kevlar or Graphene.

Pleasingly, you get the Apple logo on the back of the case rather than the huge MagSafe ring on the clear cases.

You can’t go wrong buying an Apple-made case, but you can find more options elsewhere. For an even wider range of colors in a more protective shell, look at the OtterBox Symmetry cases, described later in this article.

MagSafe compatible: Yes (where stated)

Available for: iPhone 15 | iPhone 15 Plus | iPhone 15 Pro | iPhone 15 Pro Max

Admit it… the iPhone 15 colors are, well, dull. The yellow one is particularly soft compared to the canary yellow found with the iPhone 14. Covering it up might be the best way to add some preoper personality.

The most customizable range of iPhone 15 cases we’ve seen are from Casetify, where you can choose colors, patterns, prints, artists, and personalization options, as well as several levels of protection.

These cases are more expensive than the standard, but you pay for the widest range of design options. The level of choice is almost overwhelming and you’ll have fun choosing the case that looks just right for you.

You can add a name or short word, plus add hearts and stars, fonts, and text colors if you desire.

Casetify also offers a range of protection levels: Basic (4.9ft drop protection), Strong (8.2ft drop protection, 3x MIL-STD-810G), Extreme (Bounce corners, 21.3 ft. drop protection, 6x MIL-STD-810G) and, for the 15 Pro and Pro Max, Ultra (Ultra Bounce corners, 32.8 ft. drop protection, 10x MIL-STD-810G, 6-layered rugged protection).

We tested the Ultra, and it looks and feels impressively robust with giant corner protectors, camera lens covers and a grippy feels. As such it is quite bulky, and at 69g heavier than most—but if you’re after piece of mind, then this level of case protection is hard to beat.

The Impact Ring case features the tallest camera-protecting lip at 3.6mm, the biggest we’ve seen in our tests. The other Casetify cases have camera lips between 1.4mm (Mirror) and 1.7mm (Impact and Bounce)—better than the 1mm seen on some cases.

Some cases feature a pull-out ring stand, which is otherwise hidden in the camera ring.

The best iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro cases | Macworld

Small Mcb Box You’ll find all the customization options direct from Casetify—see the links above—and a wide selection on